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The Premier League is set to discuss the implementation of concussion substitutes this week, while a move from three substitutes to five for the 2020/21 season is also expected to be back on the agenda


Representatives from all 20 clubs will attend a shareholders" meeting, where they will discuss the outcomes and findings from the International Football Association Board"s (IFAB) gathering on Wednesday


The technical panel of IFAB - which is responsible for the laws of the game - has proposed allowing clubs to temporarily replace a player who is suspected of sustaining a concussion


If IFAB supports its technical panel"s suggestion, then the Premier League clubs could be presented with proposals to implement concussion substitutes


WSL backs introduction of concussion subsFrank Lampard: Premier League should reconsider five subsGordon Taylor successor to be picked by four new directorsThey could be introduced from as soon as next month given concussion replacements would be part of an IFAB trial, which permits changes to the laws of the game midway through seasons

WSL支持脑震荡潜艇的引入弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard):英超联赛应重新考虑五项潜艇戈登·金蟾千炮捕鱼(Gordon Taylor)的继任者将由四名新董事挑选。鉴于脑震荡替代物将成为IFAB审判的一部分,因此可以在下个月开始引入,该法允许更改 赛季中期比赛

The Women"s Super League gave its backing to the proposals on Monday, while the Football Association has already said it would look to introduce the new protocols at the "earliest possible stages of the 2020/21 FA Cup and Women"s FA Cup"

女子超级联赛在周一对这项提议表示了支持,而足协已经表示将在“ 2020/21足总杯和女子足协杯的最早阶段”引入新协议。

Speaking to News, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor described concussion substitutes as "very important" and said he expects them to be implemented in the English game "sooner rather than later"

PFA首席执行官戈登·金蟾千炮捕鱼(Gordon Taylor)在接受《新闻》采访时说,脑震荡替代品“非常重要”,并表示希望在英语游戏中尽快应用这些替代品。

"We"ve made improvements in regulations, particularly with regard to concussion and head injuries," Taylor said


"It"s not always been followed and implemented as we would like but it"s becoming increasingly important that we should do all we can


"People know the dangers of taking part but that"s not to say we haven"t got to show a real duty of care


"I think the concussion subs have also highlighted the issue that we can"t be too careful with head injuries and any consequent problems


"I would expect that to be implemented much sooner rather than later, albeit they are looking at a pilot programme


But I think there is increasing willingness to adopt that." "PL out of step over five subs rule"The Premier League clubs are also expected to again discuss allowing five substitutions at this week"s meeting, despite rejecting the idea on two previous occasions


It comes after repeated calls from a number of top-flight managers, including Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Frank Lampard, for the Premier League to follow the lead of other major European leagues that have moved from three to five replacements for the 2020/21 season

继Pep Guardiola,Jurgen Klopp和Frank Lampard等多位顶级经理反复呼吁英超跟随其他主要欧洲联赛的领导之后,在2020/21赛季,欧洲其他主要联赛的接替人数已从3变为5 季节

A study released by FIFPro, the international players" union, has found that injuries in the Premier League this season are higher than in La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 - which all permit five substitutes


Taylor believes the Premier League should belatedly follow suit, saying: "You have to think about the integrity of the game


We have a duty of care to our players


These are some of the best players in the world and we need to look after them


"We"ve addressed the issue on more than one occasion now and I"ve spoken to all Premier League chief execs and chairmen, and of course to colleagues at the Premier League


"[We"re] trying to convince them that this would be a good move

“ [我们正在试图说服他们,这将是一个好举动

I think at the moment, we are out of step."



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