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Junior Stanislas scored the only goal of the game as Bournemouth went top of the Championship table after a 1-0 win over Wycombe


The Cherries found it tough going in front of 2,000 fans at the Vitality Stadium, but an Alex Pattison red card eventually allowed Bournemouth the opportunity to pile on enough pressure and Stanislas struck with his sixth goal in as many games to earn a narrow victory

樱桃队在Vitality体育场面对2,000名球迷前很难走,但是亚历克斯·帕蒂森(Alex Pattison)红牌最终使伯恩茅斯有机会施加足够的压力,斯坦尼斯拉斯在尽可能多的比赛中攻入第六个进球,以取得微弱的胜利

It lifted Bournemouth to the summit for at least 24 hours until Norwich play on Wednesday night


Championship reports and resultsChampionship tableChampionship highlightsYuri Ribeiro"s first goal for Nottingham Forest and Lewis Grabban"s first of the season helped Chris Hughton"s side claim a precious 2-0 win over fellow strugglers Sheffield Wednesday

冠军报告和成绩冠军表冠军尤里·里贝罗(Yuri Ribeiro)为诺丁汉森林(Nottingham Forest)的第一个进球和路易斯·格拉布班(Lewis Grabban)的第一个赛季帮助克里斯·休顿(Chris Hughton)的一方以2比0击败了其他奋斗者谢菲尔德(Sheffield)

Portuguese defender Ribeiro conjured up a precise finish to put the home side ahead within the first five minutes, while substitute Grabban made certain of victory in the 87th minute, as he made his first appearance since October, following a hip injury


It left Owls boss Tony Pulis to notch up an eighth game without a win since taking on the job

自从上任以来,猫头鹰的老板托尼·普利斯(Tony Pulis)赢得了第八场比赛而没有获胜

Goals from Tom Bradshaw and Mason Bennett saw Millwall end a 10-match winless streak with a 2-0 Championship win at 10-man Bristol City

汤姆·布拉德肖(Tom Bradshaw)和梅森·本内特(Mason Bennett)的进球使米尔沃尔结束了10场比赛的不败连胜,并以10比2的胜利率在布里斯托尔市赢得了10人

The visitors took an 18th-minute lead when a Jed Wallace free-kick rebounded off the wall and into the path of Ryan Leonard, whose low drive from outside the box was deflected past Dan Bentley by Bradshaw

当杰德·华莱士(Jed Wallace)的任意球从墙上反弹并进入瑞恩·伦纳德(Ryan Leonard)的小径时,访客取得了第18分钟的领先优势,后者从盒子外面的低速行驶被布拉德肖(Bradshaw)偏转通过了丹·本特利

The visitors made it 2-0 in the 68th minute when City midfielder Han-Noah Massengo was robbed and the resulting counter-attack ended with Bennett curling in an exquisite right-footed shot from the left corner of the box

客队在第68分钟以2-0的比分击败了城市中场球员Han-Noah Massengo,随后的反击结束了Bennett从禁区左下角卷曲的右脚射门

Victor Adeboyejo scored the winner as Barnsley came from behind to beat Preston 2-1 and secure a third straight victory

维克多·阿德博耶霍(Victor Adeboyejo)赢得了冠军,巴恩斯利(Barnsley)从背后击败了普雷斯顿(2-1),并获得了第三连胜

Sean Maguire"s early goal gave Preston the lead at half-time before Alex Mowatt levelled early in the second half

肖恩·马奎尔(Sean Maguire)的早期进球在半场结束前给了普雷斯顿(Preston)领先,然后下半年初亚历克斯·莫瓦特(Alex Mowatt)变平

Adeboyejo netted the winning goal 10 minutes before the end after coming on as a substitute


Ten-man Brentford extended their unbeaten run with a 1-1 draw at promotion rivals Watford


Both sides scored a penalty in the contest, while the Bees had defender Ethan Pinnock sent off


Brentford were incensed when referee James Linington showed Pinnock a red card for a penalty box challenge on Ismaila Sarr that allowed Troy Deeney to open the scoring on the hour mark网球发球视频

裁判詹姆斯·林宁顿(James Linington)向皮诺克(Pinnock)出示红牌,对伊斯梅拉·萨尔(Ismaila Sarr)进行点球挑战时,布伦特福德感到很生气 网球发球视频

But their mood lightened three minutes later when Ivan Toney scored from the spot at the other end for his 16th goal of the season - and it brightened further when the hosts seemed to have a late goal mistakenly ruled out网球发球视频

但是三分钟后,当伊万·托尼(Ivan Toney)为该赛季的第16个进球从另一端得分时,他们的心情变得轻松起来;当东道主似乎错误地排除了一个迟到的进球时,他们的心情更加明亮。 网球发球视频

QPR and Stoke drew 0-0 at the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium



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