哈德斯菲尔德2-0沃特福德:弗雷泽·坎贝尔(Fraizer Campbell)面对低于标准杆的黄蜂队

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An out-of-sorts Watford lost ground on the automatic promotion spots after they were beaten 2-0 at Huddersfield


The Hornets have now dropped down to fifth after an error-strewn display in West Yorkshire


Both Huddersfield goals were gifted to them, thanks to clangers from Ben Foster and Etienne Capoue, with the latter scoring an own goal after Fraizer Campbell"s opener


Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Town have now won four consecutive home games and are just five points shy of the play-off positions

冠军赛器材| 桌子| Get Town现在已经连续四次赢得主场比赛,仅比季后赛排名低5分

Huddersfield started the brighter but would not have expected Watford to gift them the opener after just nine minutes小军彩吧

哈德斯菲尔德(Huddersfield)开始变得更加光明,但没想到沃特福德(Watford)在仅仅9分钟后就会给他们揭幕战 小军彩吧

Goalkeeper Foster dawdled on a backpass from Ben Wilmot, allowing Isaac Mbenza to chase him down in the box

守门员福斯特(Foster)在本·威尔莫特(Ben Wilmot)的回程中涉足,允许艾萨克·姆本扎(Isaac Mbenza)在盒子里追赶他

The veteran"s attempted clearance only ricocheted off the shins of Mbenza and into the path of Campbell who gleefully tapped into the empty net


At the other end there was goalkeeping of a completely different kind when Town"s Ryan Schofield pulled off a superb reaction stop to deny James Garner

在另一端,当镇的瑞安·斯科菲尔德(Ryan Schofield)做出了出色的反应,否认詹姆斯·加纳(James Garner)时,门将的管理则完全不同

The Manchester United loanee looked destined to score when the ball fortuitously fell his way just a few yards out, but Schofield was alert enough to keep him at bay


That miss made it all the more perplexing as to why Troy Deeney was named among the substitutes for Watford, especially after a purple patch that had seen him score in each of his last three outings

怀念特洛伊·德尼(Troy Deeney)为何被沃特福德(Watford)的替补人选中,这一失误更加令人困惑,尤其是在紫色斑点使他在最近三场比赛中均得分的情况下

They could certainly have done with Deeney"s finishing as Tom Cleverley, Capoue and Andre Gray all saw chances go amiss


Watford were indebted to Christian Kabasele just after the half-hour mark when the centre-half got back just in time to get a block in on Mbenza

半小时过后,沃特福德欠克里斯蒂安·卡巴塞尔(Christian Kabasele),而中后半时又及时回来挡住姆宾扎

But from the resulting corner the hosts doubled their advantage - and in comical circumstances, as Mbenza"s inswinger was sliced into his own net by Capoue


It could have got worse just before the interval when Juninho Bacuna"s goal-bound effort was well-blocked by the back-tracking Garner

就在间隔的那一刻,当朱尼尼奥·巴库纳(Jininho Bacuna)的射门得分动作被回溯的加纳(Garner)很好地阻止时,情况可能会变得更糟

Carel Eiting tested Foster"s concentration just after the restart with a side-footed shot from outside the box

卡雷尔·伊廷(Carel Eiting)刚重启后就从箱子外面一脚射门来测试福斯特的注意力

Watford had plenty of the ball after the break but were finding Town"s defence hard to get past


Gray worked his way through just before the hour but was denied by a sprawling save from Schofield


Capoue blazed over shortly after for the below-par Hornets, who were bossing possession but struggling to make many inroads


Sub Alex Pritchard blazed over for Town in the final quarter of the game but the two-goal buffer proved more than enough as the hosts ran out worthy winners

Sub Alex Pritchard在比赛的最后一个季度为Town赢得了胜利,但两球的缓冲区被证明绰绰有余,因为东道主耗尽了有价值的获胜者


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