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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says Pep Guardiola has been "incredibly supportive" and given him "good advice" during the Spaniard"s struggles in his first full season in charge at the Emirates

阿森纳老板米克尔·阿泰塔(Mikel Arteta)说,瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)一直“非常支持”,并在西班牙人在酋长国担任第一个完整赛季的斗争中给予他“很好的建议”

Arteta spent three years as an assistant to Guardiola at Manchester City before being appointed by Arsenal in December 2019 and enjoying a successful start to life in north London, overseeing some impressive Premier League results and an FA Cup triumph


However, Arsenal go into Tuesday"s Carabao Cup quarter-final against City having won just one of their last 10 matches - a series of results that has left them in 15th place and just four points clear of the relegation zone


Despite confirming their relationship remains as strong as ever, Arteta said he"s not expecting his compatriot to go easy on him as their sides meet at the Emirates, live on


"No he won"t, because I know him and he wants to win this competition," Arteta said


"But he has been incredibly supportive all the time


"We always talk, we always are in contact and he"s a really important person in my life regardless of the football


"And him and other people that are really close to me, they"ve been incredibly supportive and giving me strength, and giving me a lot of good advice I think." Arsenal"s poor league form has been largely down to an inability to create chances and score goals, with Arteta"s side having managed just 12 goals in 14 games - with only three Premier League sides having scored less

“和他以及其他与我非常接近的人,他们给予了我极大的支持,给了我力量,并给了我很多很好的建议。” 阿森纳糟糕的联赛形式很大程度上归因于无法创造机会和得分目标,阿泰塔的球队在14场比赛中只完成了12个进球-只有英超联赛的三个球队得分更低

The club"s technical director Edu recently identified the need for a creative midfielder, and Arteta confirmed on Monday that a "plan" is in place for both next month"s transfer window and the following one in the summer


"The plan is done," Arteta said


"What we wanted to do in January, what we wanted to do in the summer


阿狸的梦之城堡图片"Sometimes you can do it, sometimes not, depending on a lot of factors


"Edu is dealing with that at the moment and I"m focused with all the games, we don"t have much time to expend energy now on that because it"s very clear what we want to do." How to beat Arsenal is obvious" Adam Bate: "We need to generate more to win football matches," said Arteta after the 2-1 defeat to Everton

“ Edu目前正在处理这个问题,我专注于所有游戏,我们现在没有太多时间花精力在这上面,因为很明显我们想做什么。” 亚特兰·贝特(Adam Bate)说:“如何击败阿森纳,是很明显的事情。要赢足球比赛,我们需要创造更多的东西。”阿泰塔(2-1)击败埃弗顿后说

That much is clear but how are Arsenal planning to do that? Their Goodison Park defeat on Saturday was more of the same from a team languishing towards the bottom of the table

这很清楚,但是阿森纳计划如何做到这一点? 他们的周六在古迪逊公园(Goodison Park)的失败,与一支逐渐逼近桌底的球队大体相同

阿狸的梦之城堡图片Ten games have yielded one win and Arteta cannot argue that his team have been unfortunate, not now


This is no false position; this is a poor Premier League team

这不是虚假的立场。 这是一支贫穷的英超球队

The problems are apparent and, perhaps even more worryingly, they are familiar


Arsenal do not create chances from open play, let alone score them, and that sluggish approach play is beginning to appear as if it is by design


"Everton have just let them have the ball," said Jamie Carragher, on co-commentary for

“埃弗顿让他们拥有了球,”杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)在对

"The same as at Tottenham - let Arsenal have the ball and what can they do? They create nothing


"When a team drop off and they are winning, it is up to you then to create chances, not keep the ball


Possession means nothing then - it is about what you create


The competition is not who keeps the ball the most


Everton are winning, they have dropped off


What can you create? "I cannot think of anything in this second half where Arsenal have created a chance that they should have scored or the goalkeeper has made a great save

你能创造什么? “在下半场,我无法想到阿森纳创造了他们应该得分的机会,或者守门员大获全胜。

That is the name of the game." 阿狸的梦之城堡图片

那就是游戏的名字。” 阿狸的梦之城堡图片


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