伯纳德·莱诺(Bernd Leno):米切尔·阿泰塔(Mikel Arteta)不应怪罪阿森纳在英超联赛中的糟糕表现

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Bernd Leno has accused Arsenal’s squad of lacking “discipline” and having “no self-confidence” during a poor run of results in the Premier League and insists Mikel Arteta is not to blame for the downturn in performances

伯纳德·莱诺(Bernd Leno)指责阿森纳队在英超联赛中表现不佳时缺乏“纪律”和“没有自信心”,并坚持认为米克尔·阿泰塔不应该为表现不佳负责

A Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang equaliser earned a 1-1 draw for the 10-man Gunners against Southampton on Wednesday, ending a run of three consecutive Premier League defeats - against Wolves, Tottenham and Burnley


Auba scores as 10-man Arsenal hold on for Southampton drawArsenal"s crisis: How low can they go?Edu: Arsenal will continue search for creative midfielderArsenal willing to loan Saliba out in JanuaryPressure is mounting on Arteta, whose side are 15th and just five points above the relegation zone, and after the 1-0 home loss to Burnley, the Arsenal manager admitted he must "take the bullets" for the club"s recent displays

奥巴在南安普敦的比赛中以10人的阿森纳保持得分阿森纳的危机:他们能走多低?教育:阿森纳将继续寻找有创造力的中场阿森纳在一月份愿意借给萨利巴的压力越来越多地出现在阿塔塔(Arteta)上,他的球队排在第15位,仅高出5分 降级区,并在伯恩利1-0主场失利后,阿森纳主教练承认他必须为俱乐部最近的比赛“子弹”

But Leno, who has played every minute of Arsenal"s league campaign so far, insists it is Arteta"s players who are primarily at fault for failing to win in the top-flight since November 1, rather than the manager


The goalkeeper told Sky Germany: "That [pressure on Arteta] is not an issue at all


The coach is least to blame for the fact that we are in this situation


"If you look at the way we were running around on the pitch at times, then the players are the only ones to blame


I have to be honest about that


"We"re getting red cards, making mistakes, standing out of position


These are things that we have clearly addressed a thousand timesvv881

这些是我们已经明确解决了上千次的事情 vv881

In the end, it"s a lack of focus on the part of the players


vv881 "The coach is not an issue in the dressing room, there is no criticism of him


We criticise ourselves and the players know that they are responsible


"We actually have quality, but all of a sudden there was this break


But nobody can pin it on just one person


"The numbers speak for themselves that things haven"t been going well lately


Before that, we often lost deservedly


"We did draw 0-0 at Leeds, but that was a lucky point


We deserved to lose against Tottenham, against Wolverhampton as well, against Aston Villa even 3-0


Those [games] were just far too many weak results and disappointing performances


"The attitude is bad, the discipline is lacking and we have no self-confidence


There are many factors at play here


"We have addressed this very clearly internally and everyone agrees that we have to change this very quickly." "Xhaka knows he made a mistake"Granit Xhaka came under fire after being sent off for grabbing Burnley midfielder Ashley Westwood by the throat during their loss against Sean Dyche"s side

“我们在内部非常清楚地解决了这一问题,每个人都同意我们必须非常迅速地改变这一点。” 格雷卡特·萨卡(Granit Xhaka)因失去伯恩利中场球员阿什利·韦斯特伍德(Ashley Westwood)而在面对西恩·迪什(Sean Dyche)的战败中被喉咙抓住而被开除

The 28-year-old, who was stripped of the Arsenal captaincy last year under Unai Emery"s tenure amid a falling out with a section of the club"s fanbase, was criticised by " Alan Smith for letting his team-mates down by committing violent conduct and costing the team another defeat

这位28岁的男子去年因阿奈·埃默里(Unai Emery)的任职原因而与俱乐部的一部分球迷发生争执,因此被剥夺了阿森纳队长的头衔,但遭到了“艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith)的批评,他因犯下暴力行为而让队友失望, 使球队损失惨重

The Switzerland international midfielder "overstepped the line" against Burnley, according to Arteta, but Leno was eager to defend his team-mate despite his ill-discipline


"Granit himself knows best that he made a mistake

“ Granit本人最清楚自己犯了一个错误

No one has to tell him that," Leno added


"Of course, the coach still said it clearly, but that"s it for us now


He"s also suspended now


At the moment, everyone is frustrated


"He was not in control [of himself in] the situation


No one is being pointed at internally, everyone has messed up here at some point


"Mistakes like that happen, but they must not be repeated


Even after the sending-off, we still had the chance to equalise and win the game


For us, the topic is now over." "Ozil doesn"t bring negative energy to Arsenal"Leno"s compatriot and club-mate Mesut Ozil has not played a minute for Arsenal since March, with Arteta having omitted the midfielder from his Premier League and Europa League squad for 2020/21

对我们来说,这个话题现在结束了。 2020/21赛季欧洲联赛冠军

Despite Ozil"s deal expiring at the end of the season, he could yet feature for the Gunners this term if Arteta chooses to re-register him after the January transfer window


"The coach has made this decision


Of course, Mesut has exceptional quality, there"s no question about that," Leno said


"But the coach chose 25 other players, and we have to accept that


He"s training normally, he"s behaving professionally, he gets on well with all his team-mates


"Mesut doesn"t bring any negative energy into the group

“ Mesut不会给团队带来任何负面影响

Everything else is out of his hands and out of mine." Watch Everton vs Arsenal live on Premier League on Saturday from 5pm; kick-off, 5:30pm



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